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Polyway is a holistic ecosystem designed for betting, gambling and prediction products, including lotteries, raffles and Web3 games.

Yez.bet - An all-in-one next-gen Web3 platform catering to betting on sports in real-time. Be it football, basketball, hockey, or any other sports to suit your taste – just pick your lot and place your bets!

Polyway.io - Join the Polyway arena to bet on political events, news headlines, TV series, movies, or set your own terms on public or private events among friends or a global audience of fortune-seekers.

Yez.Casino - is premier destination for online gambling, featuring a vast array of over 10,000 games including slots, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

Yez.bet Web3 & Sports Betting Combined

Yez.bet is all about next-gen betting on classic line sports

Powered by Web3 and overseen by the blockchain, Yez.bet opens unlimited opportunities for betting on classic sports of any kind in real time, with audited smart contracts ensuring instant payouts. Add to that Web3 games, draws, raffles, lotteries and a universe of entertainment to enjoy!

Yez.bet delivers a betting experience like never before, doing away with such traditional constraints as:

  • Censorship
  • Mandatory registration
  • Collection of user data
  • Blocking of user accounts
  • Discrimination and bias on various principles
  • Bet limit reduction
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Polyway Bet Your Way

Polyway – the Venue to Join for Bets on Private and Public events

Private events

Got an idea for a private bet between friends or peers on any topic of your choosing? Place your bet on Polyway and set the terms as you see fit to get the excitement rolling

Public events

Looking to bet on a political election’s outcome or whether a character in a Netflix series will survive the next episode? You’re headed to Polyway!

Polyway opens up an unexplored universe of interaction possibilities for:

  • Bloggers looking to bootstrap audiences
  • Influencers seeking new means of interaction
  • Average individuals with a knack for bets
  • Friends and peers looking for ways to resolve debates on issues
  • Teams or entire communities want to add flare to their everyday routines
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Polyway Use Cases

Public events

US presidential election 2024
Biden ⚡️ Trump?





Would there be Conor McGregor return to UFC (official match) in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2024?





BTC - 82000 until 09/01/2024





Would there be a cure for cancer developed in 2024?




Would there be human first contact with aliens in 2024?




Will Leonardo DiCaprio break up with his new girlfriend, Vittoria Ceretti, before October 1, 2024?





Will the next Marvel movie gross over $700 million within 3 months after its release date?





Will military events in the Gaza Strip end before October 1, 24?





Will Rue, a main character of the Euphoria series, die in the third season?




Will Musk sell Twitter (X)?





Will Paris become the world's best city tour destination for the fourth time in a row in 2024?





Will the perpetual motion machine be invented in 2024?





Will Elon Musk be using Doge as a payment tool on Twitter (X) before September 1, 2024?





Will the Binance Coin Spot ETF be accepted before March 1, 2024?





Will the world's population reach 8.2 billion in 2024?




Will the original NFT The Merge be sold before 08/01/2024?





Private events

Who will win the Employee of the Year nomination?




Will my song get 100,000 streams in 2 months?





My Counter-Strike team is participating in a tournament, do we take the first place?




Will I win a green card in 2024?




Who can lose 5 kilograms in 2 months?





Will I conquer Everest in 2024?





Can I go to Oxford in 2024?





Who will get married faster in 2024?





My wife is pregnant. Will I have a boy/girl?




Who can eat 5 burgers faster?




Yez.Casino The place where the stakes only grow

Yez.Casino is the premier destination for online gambling, featuring over 10,000 games

Whether it’s slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat or any other of the thousands of games on the platform, you will have the benefit of complete transparency and fairness.

All statistics of wins and losses are open. Anyone can see the casino’s profits and get a share of it.

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The Polyway NFT – Benefits Beyond Utility

NFT Holder Utility and Benefits:

  • 10% revenues from the Yez.Casino, and the prediction markets of Polyway.io
  • Guaranteed drops of $PLW tokens
  • Automatic whitelisting for discounted private $PLW presale rounds
  • Distribution of 30% of all Yez.bet revenues from sports line web, mobile, and Telegram bot apps
  • Free bets up to $10,000 for NFT holders on a weekly and monthly basis

PLW Token One Token – Many Benefits

Polyway applies a deflationary mechanism, which involves the use of 10% of all platform profits for the buyback and burning of PLW Tokens.

PLW Token gives its holders exclusive benefits:

  • Distribution of up to 35% of all platforms revenues from betting,
    casino, and prediction markets via a staking contract as rewards
  • Participation in DAO voting on platform development
  • Extra rewards and bonuses for active participation in platform activities
  • Free bets, token drops, cashback benefits, and much more


Total Token Supply:

365 million PLW

Retrodrops & Activity Programs 4% - 14,600,000 PLW

Ambassadors & Marketing Programs 5% - 18,250,000 PLW

Pre-sale & Investors 16% - 57,745,000 PLW

Polybet Foundation 12.85% - 46,902,500 PLW

Liquidity for Exchanges 12% - 43,800,000 PLW

IDO 5% - 18,250,000 PLW

NFT 10% - 37,155,000 PLW

Foundations & Early Investors 25% - 91,250,000 PLW

Advisers & Strategic Partners 10% - 36,500,000 PLW

Airdrop for DAO 0.15% - 547,500 PLW

Vesting period

Referral Program

Boost your earnings on Polyway with the referral program to get up to 30% of invited user commissions

  • Share your passion for bets and reap the benefits!
  • Invite friends and boost your earnings with
    the referral program!

The referral program is suitable for news sites, channels, and public pages, as well as influencers and affiliates. It will be possible to monetize news traffic by inviting users to place a bet on newsworthy events in the world.


Q1 2024

  • Market research
  • Team establishment
  • Sport events functionality development phase
  • Company registration

Q2 2024

  • Creating documentation
  • Creating the market strategy
  • Beta launch of sport events functionality
  • PolyFarm bot development phase

Q3 2024

  • NFT collection sale
  • Public launch of sport events functionality
  • Prediction platform development phase
  • Web 3 games development phase
  • Web 3 lottery development phase
  • Web 3 casino development phase

Q4 2024

  • Airdrop and bounty activities
  • Public token sale
  • Cryptocurrency exchange listing
  • Beta launch of the web 3 games
  • Beta launch of the web 3 lottery
  • Beta launch of the web 3 casino
  • Beta launch of the prediction platform

Our Partners

We are actively establishing partnerships with multiple projects to boost user experience of our community and add value to the project.

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